Teach these 7 skills to your child to combat bullying at school

Bullying in schools has spread like an epidemic. It’s also hard to believe that kids can seriously be brutal, but it happens every day. It has to stop here! But the question is how can we end this continuing cycle?

Schools focus on penalties and zero-tolerance for bullies. But that’s not enough. We must teach our children, how to handle these situations the right way!

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Keep in mind that we are not supporting revenge here. If all the bullied kids started a rebellion against their tormentors, will the world change? No. Instead, if parents can teach their children to stand up alone by developing specific skills, then they won’t have to wait for someone to get help. They’ll be able to change their world.

Be the backbone for your child

Bullies like to make their victim feel alone. Gradually the victim starts believing that he/she is powerless. Children gain their power when they are united. You must be the backbone for your child. No one can be better than supportive parents and faithful friends.


You’ll be surprised to know that in most cases, adults don’t pay much attention to these situations because they are not aware of these incidents. In that case, you have to teach your child to create awareness. Put this in their mind that telling parents about bullying is not an act of cowardice, but a brave and powerful move.

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The Power of thinking

A small incident can help you understand certain things. An example, that if someone spits on a child and if that child is not reporting this incident to anyone, maybe he or she is worried to be marked as a “tattletale.” This is exactly what the bully wants the child to think. You must make your child understand that isolation is a method of terrorizing. In that case, mental power plays quite an important role. A bully loses his power immediately when he realizes that he cannot make the victim feel isolated.

Quick reactions

A bully gains power over time if the victim allows them to. It starts with small things like giving someone a name or teasing. Teach your child to react immediately by confiding a trusted adult. If the bully continues, inform the school authority about this.

Assertive response

An assertive response is better than no response. Sometimes people think if they don’t reply, the bully will stop doing it. But this concept is wrong. It gives them more power. Children who learn this skill can handle any situation while a passive response greets more abuse.

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Unemotional, Simple Language

Being assertive means using apathetic, straightforward language as a reply. It’ll give the bully a clear-cut idea that the child will not stand to be victimized. What is an unemotional response? It is a response without fear or anger. You have to be confident, and it should be reflected in your body language. Keep in mind that an emotional response will give the bully more power while a reaction with confidence can diminish the power of the bully.

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The body language of your child should reveal a confidence. Inform your children that it is essential to maintain eye contact and to be calm when it comes to their responses to their bully.

It’s important to give proper training in the home for assertive communication. Looking away or communicating emotional responses can give the bully more power. We want to set our children up for success and we hope you will too!