How to pick healthy lunches for your children? Take the dietician’s advice

If you want to maintain proper growth and a healthy weight for your child, you have to establish great nutritional habits for your children. If you have them maintain a healthy lifestyle in their early years they’ll maintain this habit as adults too.

You should consult a nutritionist to evaluate the weight and growth of your child. Then only, you can find out whether your child needs any dietary changes.

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Healthy eating for your children starts by cutting down sugar and fats. If you want to reduce fat intake for your child, serve these things to your children because it promotes a healthy weight.

  • Focus on low-fat dairy products
  • Meats with lean cuts
  • Different healthy snacks like veggies and fruits
  • Poultry with no skin
  • Cereals and Whole grain breads

Along with that, minimise sugar intake by avoiding different sweetened drinks available in the market. Reducing salt from the diet of child is important too.

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Always keep in mind that you should not be put your child into a restrictive diet even if he or she is an overweight child. A doctor’s advice is needed in special cases.

Now let’s check out how you can grow healthy eating habits for your child.

  1. You should guide the choices for your family with their foods habits. Try to keep a wide range of healthful foods in your house. This simple practice will help your children to understand how to choose healthy foods.
  2. Avoid unhealthy foods like soda, juice or chips as much as possible. Try to serve water with meals.
  3. Continuous snacking leads you to overeating. So always avoid that and choose a specific time in a day for snacking. If you plan in that way, it’ll become part of your nutrition diet instead of spoiling the appetite of your child during mealtime. Also, try to make these snacks nutritious and healthy for them.3 1024x620 How to pick healthy lunches for your children? Take the dieticians advice
  4. If you want to avoid obesity problem in your children, encourage them to drink the adequate amount of water.
  5. You should serve the appropriate portion. Always read food labels. It’ll help you avoid Tran’s fat. Also, whenever you pack food, make sure you include varieties of healthy items.

Do you know how to pack healthier lunches for your kids? After checking these fantastic combinations prepared by a dietitian, you’ll never feel lost when packing meals for your kids. They will surely enjoy their lunchbox while getting full nutrition benefits out of it.

The best combination of healthier lunch for your kids

  • Try cottage cheese, eggs (hard-cooked), pretzels and Honeydew melon.
  • If your child is a noodle fan, you can combine Buttered noodles, gingerbread cake, grapes and Greek yogurt.
  • Rotisserie chicken, hummus, clementine’s, carrots, and pretzel sticks are also a great combination.
  • Strawberry yogurt, with strawberries, low-sodium turkey, and ranch dressing can also be tried.
  • You can mix low-sodium turkey with cheddar cheese, slices of apple, and pistachios.
  • Banana bread, with vanilla, grapes, honeydew melon, and Greek yogurt (plain) is an amazing combination.
  • You can even combine Greek yogurt with strawberries, pizza, and carrots.
  • Greek yogurt (plain) with cheddar crackers, pomegranate, hummus and cucumber slices are also a good combination.
  • Combine chicken with cantaloupe and hard-cooked eggs. You can even add a cheese stick with it.
  • Spaghetti with roasted veggies, meat sauce, and cantaloupe. Add a chocolate coin as dessert.
  • Peaches with hummus, shaved carrots, and low-sodium turkey.
  • You can try carrots with yogurt, grapes and tortilla bites.
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  • Strawberries with pistachios, peaches, green beans (low-sodium), and turkey (low-sodium) are excellent.
  • Cucumber with yogurt, soy butter quesadilla, and hummus is an amazing combination.
  • You can try green beans, with cantaloupe, cheddar cheese, and turkey (low-sodium).
  • Grapes with English cucumber, lady peas, chicken breast, and ranch dressing can also be tried.

These fantastic combinations have been designed by a dietitian. So, it’ll fulfil all the requirements of your child. Happy Eating!